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Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air for Analytical Applications

Wide ranging analytical applications.

Our Analytical line is the result of 40 years of gas generator production experience; it consists of hydrogen, air and gas purifier generators, accompanied by a complete series of accessories and add-on components.

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Modular structure, made up of independent modules.

Analytical line’s strong point is in the modular structure, made up of independent modules, freely modular with each other, that can be assembled vertically and be positioned in separate areas, with an air compressor that can be placed in a technical area.

Modular structure, made up of independent <strong>modules.</strong>

Specific technology for nitrogen, zero air and hydrogen production.

Claind solutions for producing nitrogen self-production use PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology.

The technology Claind uses for electrolysis is: PEM with solid electrolyte and multi-layer electrodes.

Claind has developed a catalytic reactor specifically for air filtration that is ideal for eliminating impurities.

Specific technology for <strong>nitrogen, zero air and hydrogen production.</strong>

Dedicated to the different laboratory applications.

Claind's hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators integrate into our customers' supply chain and are designed for the following Analytical applications:

Dedicated to the different <strong>laboratory applications</strong>.
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Gas chromatography

Tower configuration for a reduction in displacement.

The natural configuration for gas chromatography is the “tower”: four generators (hydrogen, nitrogen, zero air and compressor) are stacked one on top of the other, allowing a reduction in displacement. The generators can also be used individually as independent modules or combined in 2 or 3 module versions. Specially designed for analytical chromatography techniques:

  • HyGen 200, 400 e 600
  • NiGen Gc/HC e NiGen HF-1
  • AirGen GC e ZeroAir 5 e 20

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Total compatibility between analyzer and nitrogen generator


The LC-MS analyzers on the market now often require functional parameters (type, capacity, gas pressure and purity) dissimilar to each other. In order to respond to these requirements, Claind has developed specific solutions capable of facing any commercial analyzer model, thereby eliminating any incompatibility issue between the analyzer and the nitrogen generator. Specially designed for liquid chromatography with mass spectrometer:

  • NiGen LCMS 40-1 e 100
  • Nitro 35 e 70

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Generation of air with a high degree of purity

Determining carbon in liquids, muds and solids requires air with a high degree of purity. Claind’s answer consists of ultra-pure air generators to analyze the TOC. Specially designed for Total Organic Carbon determination:

Environmental and process analyses  - image

Environmental and process analyses

Hydrogen for fumes and air quality monitoring

The numerous installations aimed at monitoring fumes, BTX and HTC air quality, hydrocarbons in the process, extraction gases and the environment have allowed Claind to build a consolidated experience in this area and to produce highly reliable generators, specifically for environmental and process analyses:

Other Analytical applications  - image

Other Analytical applications

ICP,ELSD, Thermo-analysis, Sample preparation, glovebox, circular dichroism

Capable of delivering up to 4000 Nml/min with purity up to 99.5%, our generator - which can be connected in parallel with tower configuration - is already prepared for integration with a dedicated AirComp air compressor



  • NIGEN Micro
Compressed Air for the Laboratory - image

Compressed Air for the Laboratory

Not just compressors, but dry, oil-free compressed air generators

The Brezza series and the Olympia series offer two dry, oil-free compressed air generators specifically designed to be located inside the laboratory.

A silent, compact solution complete with all control devices for continuous operation.

  • Aircomp
  • OLYMPIA A200-1

Innovation, design, reliability.

All our products are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards of innovation, design, reliability, ease of use and cutting-edge technology. The system or analytical solutions we offer to our customers are produced in full compliance with ISO:9001 quality standards and procedures. The gas generators we produce are based on exclusive patents, resulting from years of research carried out by Claind technicians in cooperation with Italian and foreign university centers of international renown.

Innovation, design, reliability.


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