Claind: on-site production, a must for a greener future - background
Focus 17/04/2023

Claind: on-site production, a must for a greener future

The Como-based company committed to sustainability, safety and cost savings


For some time now, safety and sustainability in a scientific laboratory have become an essential priority for the benefit of safety, economic and environmental sustainability.

It is no coincidence that in these sensitive places the most common accidents often highlight critical aspects, determined not only by behaviour, but also by a reluctance to change towards more suitable and safer technological opportunities. One of these is certainly the use of gas cylinders, such as nitrogen or hydrogen, which are widely used in laboratories to power analysis equipment.

 Among other things, exhausted gas cylinders are potentially very dangerous and certainly polluting, and can cause serious risks due to the chemical nature of the fluid itself, its physical state generated by the pressure, and consequent contamination. Furthermore, for safety reasons, cylinders must be placed at a certain distance from the point of use of the gas at the expense of convenience and purity.

 Claind's research and development studies have been focusing on these aspects for years in order to systematically eliminate the dangers associated with the use of industrial gases and the costs involved.

On the other hand," explains Nicola Giovanni Tunesi, Sales and Marketing Director of Claind srl, "the advantages of on-site production over traditional supply methods are far greater. Starting from the autonomy from external suppliers, lower operating costs and greater safety. Yes, because the gas is produced according to use and is therefore not stored. What's more, the absence of interruptions linked to the replacement of cylinders is avoided with a tangible payback of the investment in a very short time. Usually less than a year."

Today, the technologies of on-site self-production systems are so advanced and proven that they offer a viable, reliable and above all safe alternative to traditional sources of supply. Added values that Claind's products faithfully reflect, through automatic production shutdown devices and alarm signals in case of gas leak detection. Furthermore, these innovative products are placed close to the instrument used for analysis, such as a gas chromatograph or mass spectrometer, thus avoiding risks and waste.

In short, there is no need to hide the fact that on-site production offers clear advantages.

If we want to translate it into numbers," concludes Tunesi, "the nitrogen produced at 5.5 euro cents per cubic metre is considerably cheaper than the average cost of liquid gas, which starts at 30 euro cents per cubic metre"; as concerns compressed gas in cylinders, which costs much more, the comparison with generators is dramatically different.


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