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Nitrogen generators for industrial applications

Self-production of nitrogen with Flo, Pico, Maxi and Laser Cut

Models specially designed for use in the following industrial fields: heat treatments and welding; chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries; plastic processing industries; electronic industries; food & beverage; industries specialised in laser cutting.

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Elimination of oxygen and unwanted gases.

Our Industry line of generators are among the most widely used to prevent oxidation in metals, inhibit bacteriological growth in food and pharmaceuticals, and minimise the risk of spontaneous combustion and explosions.

Elimination of oxygen and <strong>unwanted gases</strong>.

Nitrogen: the ideal gas for industrial applications.

Nitrogen is a gas used increasingly in industrial applications. Tangible evidence and the construction of hundreds of plants confirm that on-site nitrogen self-production is a convenient solution for user safety, from both an economic and practical standpoint.

Nitrogen: the ideal gas for <strong>industrial applications.</strong>

Designed specifically for industry

All Claind’s solutions for nitrogen self-production use PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, enhanced by the exclusive Fast Purity patent:


Designed <strong>specifically for industry</strong>
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Laser Cutting

Designed for applications using medium and high pressure nitrogen. 

The Laser Cut series provides a systematic approach to gas requirements, ensuring correct flow and pressure at all times, even with multiple cutting machines, guaranteeing nitrogen production free of oil and other impurities.

The on-board oxygen analyser ensures controlled purity of up to 99.999%. The fully integrated system makes the Laser Cut series completely independent of external compressors.


 Metallurgy, heat Treatments and Welding  - image

Metallurgy, heat Treatments and Welding

Oxidation inhibition and quality optimisation of the process

Heat treatment for metals is a process that involves conferring certain properties to metals (such as copper, aluminium, carbon and stainless steels): heat treatment cycles are carried out inside furnaces in controlled atmospheres. Metal sensitivity to oxygen greatly increases with high temperatures, e.g. in quenching, cementation, annealing or nitriding processes. A similar situation happens in metal welding. Nitrogen, as an inert gas, performs the task of inhibiting oxidation and optimising the quality of the process.

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Chemical and Pharmaceutical

A complete range of nitrogen generators for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors

The use of nitrogen in the chemical sector is vast and ranges from basic chemistry to pharmaceuticals, to producing paints, powders, glues and adhesives. Among the main applications, for which our generators are adopted, are:

  • inerting storage and process tanks
  • pneumatic conveying of liquid products
  • inerting in production and manufacturing processes
  • packaging in a protected atmosphere
Petrochemical, Oil & Gas  - image

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Self-production of nitrogen for plant safety

Nitrogen is used in this sector to make systems safe from fire and explosions, particularly in the applications of:

  • inerting fuel containers
  • oil and natural gas extraction
  • maintenance of oil and gas pipelines
Plastics  - image


Nitrogen generated as an assist gas in moulding plastics

Nitrogen is used even in moulding plastics as an assist gas: plastic product manufacture requires a pressurised gas that does not react with the material and averts mechanical stress, ensuring greater rigidity, less distortion and an optimal shape structure.

Electronics  - image


Nitrogen generation for better weld quality

In wave and selective soldering machines or in reflow ovens, the alloys used in producing electronic boards are subject to oxidation; using nitrogen as an inert gas during soldering prevents this process and ensures better product quality.

Innovation, design, reliability.

All our products are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards of innovation, design, reliability, ease of use and cutting-edge technology. The system or analytical solutions we offer to our customers are produced in full compliance with ISO:9001 quality standards and procedures. The gas generators we produce are based on exclusive patents, resulting from years of research carried out by Claind technicians in cooperation with Italian and foreign university centers of international renown.

Innovation, design, reliability.


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