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Range of Nitrogen Generators for Industry and Laboratory

Our range of nitrogen generators consists of 11 different types of devices with varying purity levels up to 99.9995%. These generators are designed to meet industrial and analytical needs, where the production of ultra-pure nitrogen is often required.Backed by our proprietary Fast Purity® patent, all our nitrogen generators achieve the desired maximum purity in reduced time, progressively increasing gas self generation efficiency.

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Why choose a Claind nitrogen generator?

The adaptation of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology facilitates the regeneration of molecular sieve columns through uninterrupted nitrogen production. This allows you to free yourself from the supply of liquid or cylinder gases, ensuring autonomy and production continuity. In this context, nitrogen generators also contribute to streamlining logistical and administrative processes, increasing safety levels, and reducing company costs, often accompanied by a significantly short payback period.
Historical operational data, performance analysis, and maintenance scheduling can be easily managed through remote control (Claind4You IoT Platform), within the framework of the progressive technological evolution of our nitrogen generators in the context of Industry 4.0.

Why choose a Claind nitrogen generator?

Dynamic contracts applied to nitrogen generators

If you already own a Claind nitrogen generator, you can choose the most suitable personalized service for your business needs at any time. This includes maintenance, replacement of consumables, and spare parts.

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