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A versatile range for Zero Air and Compressed Air

The zero air and compressed air generators, dry and oil-free, integrate and complete our machinery family specifically designed for all laboratory applications.
Three zero air generators with HC Platinum Palladium system for complete removal of hydrocarbons and three oil-free compressors with minimized noise level, thanks to special soundproofing and anti-vibration measures. Moreover, the three zero air generators are already prepared for connection with the dedicated AirComp series air compressor.

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AirComp for all Zero Air generators!

In addition to supporting the Claind NiGen series generators, the AirComp compressor is natively integrated with the three Zero Air generators: AirGen GC, AirGenTOC, and ZeroAir, with the possibility of parallel connection.
AirComp has a production capacity of 20 Nl per minute for Oil Free compressors at 8 bar. It is equipped with a membrane dryer (-15°C Dew Point) and is completely soundproofed. It can be connected to a CPU via CAN-BUS for continuous monitoring of operational states, functional parameters, and any alarm reports.

AirComp for all Zero Air generators!

Dynamic contracts applied to zero air generators

If you already own a Claind zero air generator, you can choose the most suitable personalized service for your business needs at any time. This includes maintenance, replacement of consumables, and spare parts.

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Zero Air and Oil-Free Air for Laboratory Analysis

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