The Claind Suzhou Factory opens in China - background
Focus 28/09/2023

The Claind Suzhou Factory opens in China

The Como-based company has inaugurated its headquarters in the Chinese district of Suzhou

It is in Suzhou, one of the most industrialized districts in China, that Claind has decided to open a new production site to develop and consolidate its presence in the Chinese and Asian markets. 

The official inauguration of Claind Suzhou took place on 26 September which was attended not only by the CEO Giovanni Cogotzi and the Sales & Marketing Director Nicola Giovanni Tunesi, but also by the local authorities, the board of the CICC association (which brings together the Italian companies operating in China) and local partners.  

The plant, launched during May 2023, will initially be dedicated to a specific production line, the Plinius: a generator equipped with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology able to guarantee an above-average duration and nitrogen purity levels up to 99.999%.  

The next strategic goal will be to increase the locally produced range in the following years, according to market needs.  

From Made in Italy to Made by Italy for China. 

A new philosophy of internationalization based on the localization of production near particularly critical outlet markets from the point of view of supply chain and local compliance. All enhancing the Italian excellence that remains the head and heart of Claind.  

“It is understood - explains Giovanni Cogotzi, CEO of Claind - that the operational heart of our production will remain in Italy, precisely in the Lenno plant, the company's main production site”. 

In Suzhou, in addition to production, an efficient logistics and warehouse service has also been implemented to meet the needs of punctuality and speed that the Asian market requires. 

"The opening of the production plant in China - adds Nicola Tunesi, Commercial Director and partner of Claind - consolidates our presence in the territory, active since 2011, and will allow us to manage the growing barriers to entry into this market, ensuring greater proximity to our customers and business partners". 

A special thanks goes to our project partners: The Advisory Box and Meccanica Finnord, who respectively followed the internationalization project and the operational start-up of the plant. 


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