Claind srl joins the European challenge Ech2A, European Clean Hydrogen Alliance - background
Focus 13/07/2021

Claind srl joins the European challenge Ech2A, European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Claind has taken up the European Commission's initiative to join all those international companies that play an important role in the hydrogen supply chain.

For this initiative, launched in July 2020 and joined by 1,400 businesses, the European Commission has viewed 1,052 projects for hydrogen from renewable and low-carbon sources, 997 of which have been fully admitted to European projects with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and strengthening an economy based on environmental sustainability. The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance aims to spread hydrogen technologies by 2030, reconciling renewable hydrogen production with low carbon emissions.


Tunesi: "A European alliance can play a crucial role as well as global leadership in environmental sustainability"


"We are particularly enthusiastic about the success of this important initiative, which in fact marks a new industrial strategy for a sustainable and environmentally aware Europe," says Nicola Tunesi, Sales and Marketing Director Claind srl. As far as our industry is concerned," continues Tunesi, "we have been committed for some time to developing and strengthening production aimed at the so-called Green Deal, i.e. the transition to clean energy. Precisely in the field of hydrogen, at the end of 2020 the Claind Board of Directors approved a scale-up project on electrolysers with AEM technology, which we developed and patented two years ago. The applications of these electrolysers will be aimed precisely at the sector of clean energy generated from renewable sources, so much so as to be considered among the most deserving by a national call for tenders, partially financed."


In short," concludes Tunesi, "large-scale industrial diffusion clearly requires systemic action in the production of hydrogen for industrial use, and here a European alliance can play a crucial role, as well as global leadership.


The European Green Deal goal and the transition to clean energy require a profound transformation of energy production, storage and consumption, generating greater energy efficiency and deep decarbonisation.


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