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Pure and Clean Hydrogen for Laboratory Applications.

Our generators ensure excellent results for both hydrogen used as a carrier gas and hydrogen for combustion in flame ionization, thermoionic, and photometric detectors in all laboratory gas chromatographic analyses
We are members of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership established by the European Union to promote the production and adoption of clean hydrogen. Our entire range of hydrogen generators, including the H Series and HG 2200R, has been designed and revamped based on this directive.

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Hygen evolves into H Series

The H Series, available in models H200, H400, and H600, represents the technological evolution of our longstanding family of HyGen hydrogen generators, specifically designed for use as carrier gas and as fuel for hydrocarbon detection. The new series ensures ultra-high purity (99.9999% with O < 1 ppm) production proportional to the actual consumption and the trace analysis requirements. 
All our devices have been redesigned to facilitate plant scalability through parallel connection of up to 4 stackable hydrogen generators in a tower configuration. Optimization of available space, operational autonomy, elimination of chemical risk, and production continuity will enhance the maximization of your laboratory performance.

Hygen evolves into H Series

Dynamic contracts applied to hydrogen generators

If you already own a Claind hydrogen generator, you can choose the most suitable personalized service for your business needs at any time. This includes maintenance, replacement of consumables, and spare parts.

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Hydrogen for Laboratories and Analytical Applications.

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