Analytical labs: innovative technologies to generate hydrogen safely - background
Focus 16/11/2021

Analytical labs: innovative technologies to generate hydrogen safely

Claind's solutions to prevent risks and dangers

The pandemic situation has highlighted new aspects in the field of lab analysis, in particular the need to strengthen the safety element from all points of view. This is not just a question of legal obligations, but of behaviours that limit and prevent risk and hazard situations. Certainly, one of the key points in laboratories is represented by the supply of technical gases, often made available in high-pressure cylinders and whose procedures are extensively dealt with in Legislative Decree 81/2008, pointing out the potential risks associated with their use.

It is no coincidence that Claind, thanks to its forty years of experience, continues to search for suitable solutions in order to create valid alternatives to guarantee a high level of safety in analytical laboratories

The patents for the production of Electrolyzers with Multilayer Electrodes, PEM (Polymer electrolyte membrane) and the innovative AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane, a scalable electrolyzer that replaces fossil fuels with green hydrogen), represent a concept that points towards a "green" era, in view of the energy savings and waste that can be avoided.

But that's not all. There are many solutions that reflect greater reliability. These include gas chromatography (GC), the use of flame ionization detectors (FID) and Carrier Gases. All techniques that require safety standards ensuring high performance

As Nicola Tunesi, Sales and Marketing Director of Claind srl, explains, "In our own small way we want to play a leading role in building a sustainable future. That's why our gas generators are reliable, innovative and green, and without a doubt represent an added value in which safety remains the key element of our efforts".


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