Self-production of nitrogen: the winning alternative for a sustainable transition - background
Focus 16/10/2023

Self-production of nitrogen: the winning alternative for a sustainable transition


Today, the self-production of nitrogen is the obvious choice for lowering costs without compromising on top quality. Not by chance, thanks to continuous research and development, Claind products remain the valid alternative for this purpose, considering that they are able to quickly supply clean, very pure nitrogen that respects the environment and with an energy performance that is much higher than any other process.

With its wide range of solutions, from the N2 FLO series, passing through the N2 PICO, N2 MAXI and on to the new DOMINUS NL series, with models that differ according to their flow rates, Claind serves all applications that require nitrogen, offering plant solutions that are easy to use yet highly effective, particularly in terms of the immediate results obtained. At the same time, complying with the various European regulations on the quality of the generated nitrogen. 

For example, if we consider the wine-making process, air causes oxidation which can harm the wine, changing its organoleptic characteristics and consequently reducing the conservation time. For this reason, processing and storage take place using inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, or a combined mixture of the two. 

Other examples are food packaging, electronic welding, 3D printing, chemical and petrochemical storage, laser cutting and many other processes. Specifically, generators are used in all applications in which nitrogen is used, in order to prevent oxidation or fires or explosions.



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The advantages


For the customer, there are many well-known benefits: from being independent from the gas supply to reducing production costs, logistic and safety problems, access to nitrogen at any time and others besides

The experience gained from hundreds of installations has led to authentic research, the results of which are clear: the nitrogen produced at an average of 6-12 euro cents per cubic meter makes it much cheaper than purchasing costs, which are at least 30 euro cents per cubic meter.

But self-production offers other advantages too. Many companies already associate our generators with their products in order to offer added value and a precious service for their customers. For example, compressor manufacturers offer our generators with their compressed air station, and other manufacturers of packaging machines used in modified atmosphere offer turnkey solutions, integrated our generators in their process, also perfectly mirroring the characteristics and consequences linked to environmental sustainability.

And there’s more. Our products are easily integrated with other supplies through “tailor-made” solutions, guaranteeing customized assistance and maintenance packages to suit a range of needs. An undoubtedly advantageous solution for compressor manufacturers, welders and all professionals in the packaging chain who, integrating our products into their own, can significantly increase the added value of their goods, especially in terms of technological innovation, offering an all-round service for the benefit of the end customer.

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Predictive industry and IOT at a click


Not less important is the remote control service for Claind generators on the Claind4You platform. This brings many advantages, allowing the customer to monitor the generator operating status and process variables via the web portal or app at any time, viewing and extracting logs, receiving email notifications and much more.

Furthermore, this is in line with the approach to customer service, which is an increasingly important hot topic, ensuring the customization of assistance services, the optimization of routine maintenance interventions depending on the effective use, and allowing the after-sales operator, during extraordinary interventions, the possibility to run an initial diagnosis remotely by accessing the portal, consequently speeding up resolution times. Finally, the data are systematically archived in cloud in order to run checks chronologically, handling and solving any production process criticalities over time.

On the other hand, the Claind IOT (Internet of Things) fully represents the innovation of industrial processes that the fourth industrial revolution has brought with it.


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Transition 4.0 marks the value of a business


But that’s not all. In fact, Claind generators can also be connected via Modbus protocol to the customer’s production management systems (Plc/Scada) in order to obtain an objective, real-time indication of the processes in progress and the related functions. A decisive factor that offers full control and integration of the operations, leading to significant savings in time and money.

The so-called Industry 4.0, today known as Transition 4.0, defines precisely the transmission, management and control of data. This is what happens with Claind generators, which transmit the inputs from the various sensors in real time to be reprocessed, then receiving instructions and commands to run in reply. And there’s more.

Due to the above, Claind generators are fully recognized as 4.0 instrumental assets, the requirements of which qualify businesses not only for tax credits but allow them to evolve in an innovative process, with clear advantages in both economic and sustainability terms. A sine qua non condition that is increasingly on demand in the national and international market, unequivocally increasing the virtuosity and value of a business.


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