Claind launches Dominus, the smart evolution of nitrogen - background
Focus 30/11/2021

Claind launches Dominus, the smart evolution of nitrogen

A concentrate of technological innovations for a "Tailor-Made" generator for the industry

Claind launches Dominus, the smart evolution of nitrogen - image

After a careful analysis of research and development, the Como-based company launches a product capable of generating very high-quality nitrogen in response to the multiple needs of the industry, adapting perfectly to any production line. Dominus NL, in fact, is a revolutionary instrument, both as regards the hardware and therefore the choice of materials, and for the control software that distinguish its high reliability and "smart" dynamics, thanks to possible updates in real time and its multi- functionality. The result is a clear improvement in efficiency and performance.


Furthermore, by exploiting the already existing Claind4You platform, available to all customers, it is possible to have remote monitoring and control that highlights all the potential of this innovative product, starting from the outgoing nitrogen flow and purity.


As Alessandro Tunesi, Industrial Sales Manager at Claind explains, "this is a real evolution of the gas generation process which translates into an increase in efficiency and a decisive improvement in performance both in terms of flow rate and reduced air consumption".

"But that’s not all. The standard energy consumption - adds Tunesi - has been further updated thanks to the ECO mode which modulates the inlet air flow according to the nitrogen consumed and the Stand-by mode which is automatically activated if the nitrogen flow generated is higher than the flow taken. Flow is guaranteed by an output management system based on purity and pressure levels compatible with the customer's requirements. This system also allows symbiotic use with other supply sources".


"In addition - concludes Tunesi - it is possible to integrate some useful optionals, whose operation is managed by the generator itself. A feature that brings considerable added value to the system by meeting the various operational needs, some of which also comply with the New National Transition Plan 4.0".

"Claind - adds Giovanni Cogotzi, president and CEO of Claind - is fully satisfied with this important milestone which in fact marks an important step towards a technological evolution that guarantees further reliability and safety from a sustainable perspective. Our vision, after 42 years - concludes Cogotzi - remains to find, through our experience and competence, the most suitable solutions, able to meet the most complex needs, as long as respect for the environment and for the people".



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