AV di Lucchetta SRL: 40 years of experience and expertise at the service of Made in Italy - background
Focus 06/09/2022

AV di Lucchetta SRL: 40 years of experience and expertise at the service of Made in Italy


The vision of the Brianza-based company aims at n sustainable and conscious development


The Brianza area continues to play a very important role in the national economy. In fact, we are talking about a particularly advanced industrial hub and service sector that continues to excel in many strategic sectors for the country. One of these is Lucchetta's AV, a company that has chosen to keep up with the times. Founded in 1972, it specialises in the design and construction of suction, painting, fume treatment systems, pellet and briquette production plants. A company that represents true excellence and has equipped itself with a Claind Laser Cut nitrogen generator for the application of laser cutting.

It is no coincidence that this virtuous company is projected towards technological innovation, through conscious choices with a view to environmental sustainability.

As Elvis Lucchetta, owner of AV Lucchetta Srl, explains, "Ours is a path that has always looked to the future. Back in 2007 we opted for optical fiber and, despite scepticism at the time, history has proved us right.

At the moment,' continues Lucchetta, 'the energy transition towards 'zero pollution' is a decisive factor for our company, which also has a positive impact on the choices of our suppliers such as Claind. In fact, we are in the process of purchasing a photovoltaic system that will produce 20 KW precisely for nitrogen production.

This,' continues Lucchetta, 'will allow us to amortise costs, but above all improve the quality of the environment within the broader framework of sustainable development. In short,' Lucchetta concludes, 'on these pillars we intend to give a continuation to the future of our company. On the other hand,' Lucchetta concludes, 'we cannot afford to fall behind, also in view of the fact that our customers are the brands that represent the best of Made in Italy at an international level.”


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