Innovation through new industrial paradigms - background
Focus 28/07/2021

Innovation through new industrial paradigms

Claind: an innovative vision inspired by the Industry 4.0 model


Interview with Alessandro Tunesi, Industrial Sales Manager

Today, one of the keystones capable of generating real innovation for sustainable growth in the country is called Industry 4.0. A very precise term that integrates new enabling technologies such as the Internet of Things, data digitization, remote control and man-machine interconnection, in order to improve productivity and process quality. But that's not all. The functional assets linked to the technological and digital transformation of companies also bring with them great benefits in economic terms.

Claind, a leading company in the gas generator sector, has long since consolidated an innovative vision whose products are inspired by the Industry 4.0 model. We spoke about this with Alessandro Tunesi, Industrial Sales Manager at Claind.

More and more often we hear about data digitization, remote control, IOT and consequently Industry 4.0. Is Claind also a protagonist in this epoch-making change?

 That's right, in addition to being protagonists we can in my opinion be included among the pioneers in our sector. From the very beginning we became aware of this evolution and the potential it brings with it and we set to work to introduce it into our products and make it available to our customers.

Claind aims to be not only a manufacturing company, but also a service company, and I believe that IoT, Industry 4.0 and digitalization can be the drivers, all with a view to servitization and customer loyalty.

Your products are therefore in line with the so-called 4.0 capital goods. But how is your target market moving? Have the benefits of the new technologies been perceived?

Certainly, the benefits are well perceived by the market in different ways depending on the size of the company: small, less structured companies are more interested in the tax benefits brought by Industry 4.0, while more structured small/medium-large companies (Claind's target audience, ed.) focus also and sometimes mainly on the technological benefits. Nowadays, companies are very focused on production control, process safety and quality, and reducing operating costs; many are facing this transformation and each has its own application needs, the integration of the company's systems in a 4.0 perspective ensures the information input necessary for efficient production automation.

There is a lot of talk about research and development to ensure continuous improvement in the technologies offered and integrated into products. How is Claind doing in this context?

We have been responsive to this change, equipping our products as standard with innovative electronics that enable them to communicate with production management systems (PLC, SCADA, etc.) so that they can both be integrated into company automation and comply with Industry 4.0. In addition, in collaboration with the ComoNExT Innovation Hub, and in particular with Servitly, we developed the Claind4You web portal with the aim of enabling the remote monitoring and management of generators by simply connecting them to the internet. The above allows us not only to guarantee added value and an increasingly high level of service, by putting together customized assistance packages, but also to be able to track the features and quality of the nitrogen generated.



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