What is Claind4You?

Claind4You is the result of a strong and targeted process of digitalization of our products in accordance with Industry 4.0.
In an increasingly smart and shared world where information travels fast and safe, Claind wasted no time and is pleased to introduce the new IoT Claind4You platform, from which you can manage and control by yourself your Claind generators.

What is <strong>Claind4You</strong>? - image
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Why C4Y?

Control - icon


Access and remote control of generator operation data by the customer

Maintenance - icon


Scheduling of ordinary maintenance according to the actual usage of the components


Restore - icon


More careful handling of failures thanks to the analysis of historical data with the possibility of remote maintenance

Register - icon


Availability of a register in which all the technical interventions are collected

Notification - icon


Ability to receive email notifications of any alarms generated by the device

Reports - icon


Access to telemetry and statistics for the analysis of historical data


How does it work?

All you need is to connect the generator to a LAN cable.
How does it work? - icon
The generator, through an integrated gateway, is connected to the Net using encrypted channels and secure protocols (HTTPS and TLS1.2). The data is sent and saved on the Cloud and can be accessed via the CLAIND4YOU web portal that allows viewing and use. Request info


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