Self-production of nitrogen: the winning alternative for a sustainable transition - background
Focus 16/10/2023

Self-production of nitrogen: the winning alternative for a sustainable transition


Today, the self-production of nitrogen is the obvious choice for lowering costs without compromising on top quality. Not by chance, thanks to continuous research and development, Claind products remain the valid alternative for this purpose, considering that they are able to quickly supply clean, very pure nitrogen that respects the environment and with an energy performance that is much higher than any other process.

With its wide range of solutions, from the N2 FLO series, passing through the N2 PICO, N2 MAXI and on to the new DOMINUS NL series, with models that differ according to their flow rates, Claind serves all applications that require nitrogen, offering plant solutions that are easy to use yet highly effective, particularly in terms of the immediate results obtained. At the same time, complying with the various European regulations on the quality of the generated nitrogen. 

For example, if we consider the wine-making process, air causes oxidation which can harm the wine, changing its organoleptic characteristics and consequently reducing the conservation time. For this reason, processing and storage take place using inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, or a combined mixture of the two. 

Other examples are food packaging, electronic welding, 3D printing, chemical and petrochemical storage, laser cutting and many other processes. Specifically, generators are used in all applications in which nitrogen is used, in order to prevent oxidation or fires or explosions.



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