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Focus 10/11/2021

How long does what you eat last?

Nitrogen generators have changed the lives of companies and people

It is now well known that among inert gases, nitrogen is the most widely used element for the preservation of food and liquids. Thanks to this gas, is it possible to avoid food oxidation while minimising the degradation of edible products?


The answer is yes, and it is precisely to meet these requirements that Claind has been continuously innovating its food and beverage generators for over 40 years, in order to keep them up-to-date on the technological side, increase their efficiency and ensure their reliability, i.e. the compliance of the nitrogen produced with international regulations E941, which specify their qualitative characteristics.


A generator that not only allows you to extend the so-called "expiry date" of a product, but also makes its organoleptic properties unaltered, preserving its freshness and ensuring better presentability in terms of color, shape and composition.

All this is achieved by means of an effective and safe generation process, called PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, which actually determines a selection of molecules called "adsorption".

In practice, the air, once pressurized, passes through molecular sieves that let only inert gases pass, in particular nitrogen.


This technique, combined with Claind's know-how, makes this gas of natural origin extremely safe and reliable in terms of quality and allows companies to have significant economic savings.

In addition, self-production guarantees companies to be self-sufficient in the supply of nitrogen, as well as creates a green effect and pursues sustainability by eliminating gas distribution and transport, with all the costs and environmental consequences that this entails.


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