Gas generators for analytical applications

Hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air for gas chromatography, LC-MS, TOC and other applications.

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Gas generators for industrial applications

Food packaging, bottling, laser cutting, thermal treatments, plastic moulding and other applications.

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Events and News

18 September 2019

Discover the new industry brochure

Our nitrogen generators are the best solution for several industrial applications. 

Claind presents the new INDUSTRY BROCHURE; discover about the main application areas, the exclusivity of our products and the advantages of on-site nitrogen production.

9 May 2019


The new Claind compressor designed expressly for the laboratory.

AirComp200 is the result of forty years of Claind experience, along with a concentration of users’ main requests. Unique to its kind, it stems from an idea much more similar to one of a laboratory generator than to an industrial compressor.

14 March 2019

Claind celebrates its 40th anniversary by renewing the logo... and much more!

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Claind’s foundation, we are pleased to show you how our image has been renewed. A change that starts from the deep and affects many aspects of our company.