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Our solutions for nitrogen self-production use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. In order to constantly provide our customers with high-quality solutions and innovation, we have further improved PSA technology by designing and registering the exclusive international FAST PURITY® patent.  

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Why Claind Fast Purity?

Purity - icon


Maximum nitrogen purity just a few minutes after ignition

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Performance guaranteed by the Fast Purity® Claind patent

Consumption - icon


Reduced air and electricity consumption

Yield - icon


Higher yield during nitrogen self-production

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Mechanical stress

Significant reduction of mechanical stress

Obsolescence - icon


Increased life span for the generator

The PSA system

 Pressure Swing Adsorption and Fast Purity patent The PSA system consists of two beds of molecular CMS sieves (Carbon Molecular Sieve), which are alternatively pressurised and depressurised. Each bed can consist of one or more columns. The compressed air, which is pre-treated to eliminate dust and moisture, enters the base of the first active bed and flows through the CMS. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air are trapped, while nitrogen flows through the bed and exits from the head of the column towards a storage tank. After a set time, the saturated active bed is depressurised so that it can be regenerated, while the cycle resumes symmetrically on the second bed. Want to know more? Contact us!


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