From Claind technology comes Plinius Series - background
Focus 23/02/2023

From Claind technology comes Plinius Series

A new era of high-capacity nitrogen generators begins

The Como-based company continues on its path of research and development and launches a new series of generators equipped with PSA technology, Pressure Swing Adsorption, capable of guaranteeing an above-average duration and nitrogen purity levels of up to 99.999%.

Many innovations are offered with these new generators, the main ones being the minimum maintenance required and continuous production capacity.

The new Plinius series is designed for 24-hour operation and boasts a reduced need for machine intervention.

A significant achievement to which are added those performance characteristics that have always distinguished Claind products: soundproofing and anti-vibration, which give this product unprecedented reliability and energy efficiency.

A series of compact generators specifically designed for the laboratory, thanks also to the simplicity of Plug & Play installation that guarantees immediate functionality once connected to the power outlet.

Following the company line of optimising production processes, the new PLINIUS series is also convincing from an economic point of view, with an attractive sell-out and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Low power consumption and the possibility of remote connection from any device via the Claind4You IoT platform align the PLINIUS series with Transaction 4.0 policies towards a proactive efficiency enhancement of industrial realities.

 "There are many new features and above all the performance of this new product," says Giovanni Cogotzi, CEO at Claind, "which is the result of a long period that has involved us in an articulated and complex process of research and development. It was our intention to create a high-performance product, equipped with technological innovations that add decisive value to the final result. In addition, we aimed for high energy savings with a view to environmental sustainability, so as to face a new era of technologically advanced generators, without underestimating the ecological footprint."

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