Laser cutting, from nitrogen supply to production on site - background
Focus 24/06/2021

Laser cutting, from nitrogen supply to production on site

For many leaders in sheet metal processing, the widespread trend towards new production technologies integration, aimed at increasing quality in the field of industrial automation, has driven investments in nitrogen self-generation plants. Laser cutting quality, production extension and reduced nitrogen procurement costs have been the main drivers.

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In the sheet metal sector, a significant share of activities related to manufacturing processes has historically been outsourced, putting significant pressure on the cost structure, especially for the cutting and bending phases. When conducted on the make-or-buy model, the differential analysis favors the emergence of useful elements for evaluating whether it is convenient or not to maintain core management activities internally with respect to searching for an economically more advantageous source of gaseous nitrogen generation.

In this regard, Claind has defined a simple model to refer to for calculating the return on investment (pay-back analysis) that allows all potential customers to evaluate the most appropriate solution in terms of quality/price, obviously customized.

The success of this precious tool, and of all the advice offered in the pre-sale phase, is reflected in statements by many of our customers:

"... the Claind generation plant guaranteed a reliable and independent source of nitrogen, at a lower cost ..."

"... we now have full control of production, having been able to completely eliminate the logistical and safety risks associated with the supply ..."

"... during implementation, Claind made sure that the migration took place gradually, first of all safeguarding the business continuity of the workshops ..."

"... the investment in the new nitrogen generators was amortized over a short period of time. The on site choice for production also gave our company another green element that our Sustainability Plan is based on…”


Laser cutting system with self-generated nitrogen


Laser cutting - especially with reference to stainless steel processing - relies on nitrogen to prevent combustion during the delicate cutting phase. It is a fact that gas purity the plays a fundamental role in overcoming sheet metal’s susceptibility to browning at the edges and, more generally, in ensuring the highest quality in the finishing of the cut.

Apart from the irrefutable considerations of a technical nature, we found that the economic convenience assessments of procuring from third party suppliers, in terms of supply rigidity and costs (for many of our current customers, these exceeded several thousand Euros a month before moving to self-production) were no less important.

Installing a nitrogen generation plant on site has therefore very often taken its shape as a logical consequence of 3 specific, different and complementary needs:

- cost containment directly attributable to nitrogen

- independence and production continuity

- high levels of gas purity, calibrated to individual needs


Laser Cut 225 and Laser Cut 450 are compact systems equipped with integrated compressor and automatic stand-by system, to guarantee a continuous balance between the nitrogen produced and the nitrogen actually used. The on-board oxygen analyzer shows nitrogen purity in real time, delivered at three different levels, serviceable to real production needs:

-              B: 99.99% pure nitrogen

-              M: 99.995% pure nitrogen

-              A: 99.999% pure nitrogen

The 6 models available - three for each variant - make the Laser Cut series a complete solution both for production needs and for the two main application needs: nitrogen for welding and for laser cutting.

As far as laser cutting is concerned, Claind offers a further solution: systems consisting of nitrogen generators (N2 MAXI / DOMINUS NL) combined with 40,200 and 300 bar compressors.

An innovative option, designed to satisfy multiple types of use and to guarantee the customer maximum performance.


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