Ambrogio Sanelli, an excellence made in Italy for tradition and innovation - background
Focus 15/11/2023

Ambrogio Sanelli, an excellence made in Italy for tradition and innovation

The professional cutlery founded in 1864 is equipped with the innovative Claind nitrogen generator

The Ambrogio Sanelli company has been synonymous with quality and expertise for over 150 years.

A reality that started far away in Premana, a mountain town in the upper Valsassina, from the idea of ??restoring an old water pipe to generate energy. Ambrogio Sanelli thus sets in motion this fascinating enterprise based on simplicity, reliability and maximum attention to detail.

Since then, this virtuous company has been constantly evolving and has founded its pillars in the incessant research activity and the extreme passion for work, with the aim of providing excellence in its knives and tools.

Ambrogio Sanelli production is a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation and it is precisely from the latter that the collaboration with Claind began.

Sharing the same values of professionalism, competence and reliability, Claind has given its support to make certain production processes more efficient, while also increasing their sustainability.

The decades of experience of the craftsmen have been combined with the Claind systems in order to achieve the highest quality standards: the nitrogen generated is used here to avoid oxidation principles, therefore to create the correct inert atmosphere for the processing of the best steels and heat treatments.

This is an entirely Italian story that has deep roots in the mountains, water, iron and the passion for high quality craftsmanship, which today coexists with the most modern technologies.

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