Oil free compressorwith dryer "plug & play"

The new Claind compressor designed expressly for the laboratory.
AirComp200 is the result of forty years of Claind experience, along with a concentration of users’ main requests. Unique to its kind, it stems from an idea much more similar to one of a laboratory generator than to an industrial compressor.


A pleasantly aesthetic compressor, which can be integrated into your laboratory and complete with all accessories for continuous operation.

  • Takes up less space
  • You can place it under the workbench


A quiet solution, designed to be connected inside your laboratory.

  • Better work conditions


High production capability and automatic speed regulation proportional to the flow delivered.

  • Greater efficiency in terms of air produced compared to electricity consumption (energy saving)
  • Less engine stress with consequent longer compressor lifespan
  • Limited maintenance due to low running temperature, thanks to the variable speed


Equipped with Scroll technology, powered by 230 Single Phase Vac and with a built-in membrane dryer.

  • Remote connection to any device with the IoT Claind4You platform.


Oil-free instrument air production. Universal solution.

  • Quality air
  • Only air producer adaptable to any nitrogen generator