Claind celebrates its 40th anniversary by renewing the logo... and much more!

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Claind’s foundation, we are pleased to show you how our image has been renewed. A change that starts from the deep and affects many aspects of our company.

As for the new logo, the choice of colors reflects the technical features and technology of our products, as well as referring to the concepts that are involved (air and gas).

The font has been chosen by taking the first Claind logo (conceived and designed by the founder Lorenzo Cogotzi) as starting point.

The letter "C", a distinctive and constant element in all the versions, has been kept but with an insertion that identifies the three internal Claind’s divisions.

Innovation, dynamism, linearity and simplicity. These are the intrinsic values that most distinguish us and that we want to spread. A compromise to keep up with the times, looking ahead but keeping the experience of all time as a basis.

As anticipated, in addition to the logo, the renewal has involved other aspects, from the introduction of a new compressed air generator AirComp 200 to the new IoT solution Claind4You ,which allows remote control of the generator from PC or Smartphone

Finally, among the company news, the transition to SAP management software, ( a significant step and a great challenge for the team.

Soon all the details!

Stay tuned ...

14 March 2019