Company profile

Claind is a company that was established in 1979 and that produces hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators. Its headquarters is in Lenno, on the shores of Lake Como, where all product development, production and administration activities are carried out. The customers who Claind targets can be broken down into three main categories: analysis laboratories, food and beverage companies and laser cutting companies.

Over the years Claind's staff has received and paid back the confidence of more than 3,000 customers with over 20,000 installations worldwide.

The principle that guides every business decision is the desire to achieve customer satisfaction, in this way strengthening a relationship based on trust that goes far beyond mere contacts for technical and commercial aspects.

Another key aspect for Claind is the ability to face the challenges and opportunities that the market changes require or offer. Focus on innovation is therefore an integral part of the company. Design, reliability and simplicity are the key features of its products.

Claind's strong point is that it supports its products with an effective network of services during both the pre-sales and after-sales stages, matching a widespread global reach with a high quality local service.

Where Claind is not directly present, it operates through a network of carefully selected agencies and dealers that are trained and constantly brought up to date on the latest innovations.

Its previous experience and specific expertise in the field enable Claind to look far ahead and set ambitious goals for itself. Development of its sales network and expansion of its product range will allow Claind to significantly strengthen its position on the world market within a short time.



Claind was set up by Lorenzo Cogotzi and began its activity by working in the electronic design sector as a contractor


the company began to produce its first products with the Claind brand, instruments for controlling industrial installations and in particular for the pharmaceutical sector


marketing of the first electrolysers for the production of hydrogen and development of nitrogen generators based on PSA technology


the year 2000 was the year of decisive breakthrough with the launch of a complete line of gas generators for laboratories and Industry, entirely designed and produced by Claind. During this period international marketing also escalated, consolidating relationships with major distributors located in Europe, the Middle East, India and China


introduction of the Laser Cut range dedicated to laser cutting and pressurisation of beam guidance


establishment of Gengaz, the representation and distribution company in France


Claind celebrated its 35th anniversary and asserted its presence on both the domestic and international markets thanks to its extensive network of dealers and customer care centres around the world