AirComp is a compressed dry oil free air generator specifically designed for installation inside the laboratory.

AirComp is the result of Claind's forty years experience in the development and manufacture of gas generators. We define it as a compressed air generator and not as a simple compressor because its conception comes from an idea much more closer to that of a laboratory generator instead of that of an industrial compressor.

The compressed air generator is equipped with scroll oil free air compressor and with revolutionary electronic speed control .

The electronic speed control allows:

 - increased efficiency in terms of air produced compared to electricity consumption

 - less engine temperature and stress resulting in longer compressor life

 - less maintenance (necessary only after 10,000 hours of operation, approximately 3 years

Furthermore, strong attention is given to design (this it is the only compressor on the market with a strong aesthetic sense) and to the fact that the generator is very  silent, thanks to special soundproofing and anti-vibrations measures

The compressor uses a variable speed motor, with universal 230 Vac 50/60 Hz single phase, that can produce the exact amount of compressed air required. Among the applications, we find: LCMS, LAB pneumatics, GC, TOC, Atomic Absorption and all analyzers looking for Oil Free Dry Air. Outlet Dew Point  is -60°C.

Concerning  the technological innovations related to Industry 4.0, AirComp200 can be interfaced with the IoT Claind4you platform, which allows remote control of the generator from PC or smart-phone and the real-time monitoring of operating parameters.

9 Mai 2019